It never happens

-Having a tough day?
-Well, you know, disastrous.


chill-the-blood said...

Wish I could help you to feel better.
However, somewhere between a disastrous day and a perfect day lies an infinite array of possibilities that we could use to interpret what is happening to us and what is happening to others as a result of our actions.
True, life sucks but then again the last words of Lou Reed’s song “Perfect day” go “You're going to reap just what you sow...”
That means we are to a large extend responsible for having a tough and disastrous day, as well as for being frustrated for those of the things we want but never happen to us.
Love above all else. Peace on earth. Hallelujah!

eryx-t said...

Με κάτι τέτοια γίνεται κανείς ζυμάρι.
Ή πέτρα.
Εισπνοή - εκπνοή.